BEST Parabolic SAR Indicator Strategy for Daytrading Crypto, Forex & Stocks (High

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In this video, I’m revealing the best strategy that you can use with the Parabolic SAR indicator,

The Parabolic SAR or also known as the Parabolic Stop & Reverse, is a simple to use trend indicator that does a very good job of providing us with both Entry & Exit signals

? Download the Excel Sheet I used for back testing –

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31 thoughts on “BEST Parabolic SAR Indicator Strategy for Daytrading Crypto, Forex & Stocks (High”

  1. Worth mentioning that the parabolic sar also marks the previous low/high, example, when price is going up and hits the par sar the dot gets placed below at the previous low, and vice versa, so you can use the first dot of each new line to see if the price is making higher lows , higher highs etc, this is also why some people use the par sar for the stop, you would be placing it at the previous low

  2. Wow this is the first video I’ve watched of yours the breakdown is soooo simple I’m definitely subscribing to the channel for more like this thank you!

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  5. Hi, how to set alert for parabolic car for the star when it changes trend from up to down or vice versa? I would appreciate it if someone could answer, thanks

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