BANK CRISIS On Hold As Stocks Climb In The Stock Market Today & How To Make Money

STOCK MARKET CRASH INCOMING?! This Week’s #StockMarket Outlook & Trading Game Plan To Make Money! Find out + $500 Giveaway Get Your Free Ticket Here from Eventbrite & Make Sure To Be RIGHT HERE @ 8:30pm ET 6/25 on The True Trading Group #StockMarketLive stream!
. * BANK CRISIS On Hold As Stocks Climb In The Stock Market Today in a COMPLETE About-Face from what we saw 24 hours ago! What is going on right now?! Is the recession canceled? Have we finally avoided the looming “stock market crash of 2023,” and How Can YOU Make Money Trading Tomorrow and into next week?

In the #StockMarket Today the banking crisis and potential banking collapse were already old news! Credit Suisse got its backing, First Republic found its life raft & stocks exploded with major market index ETFs, including the S&P 500 (ticker symbol SPY) and Nasdaq (ticker symbol QQQ) soaring to levels not seen in over a week!

Does this mean the risk of a #stockmarketcrash in 2023 is gone? Have we avoided a 2023 #recession, and will the Fed get its “soft landing” with next week’s March 2023 FOMC meeting and Fed rate hike decision incoming? Do you want the truth? It DOES NOT MATTER what happens next as long as you’re prepared with the right game plan, trading education, and strategy to capitalize on extreme volatility in the #StockMarketToday!

Whether you’re interested in #DayTrading, Swing Trading, Long Term #Investing, Trading Stocks, #OptionsTrading or Futures Trading: all traders & investors need to pay attention RIGHT NOW! Listening to the noise from #StockMarketNews outlets like CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, and finance YouTubers like Meet Kevin could get you into trouble if you don’t know how to use the information to your advantage!

That’s because while everyone was saying the world is ending, SMART MONEY knows you shouldn’t bet on the end of the world, and today is a clear example of that! This is The Year Of The Active Opportunist & without a plan to profit, you’re at a severe disadvantage. The idea that “The stock market is down today,” so play puts tomorrow or “the stock market is up today,” so play calls tomorrow, DOES NOT WORK in 2023. Being reactive, NOT predictive, is what has led us to find some of the BIGGEST opportunities in the stock market in 2023!

If there was ever a time to learn how to trade and make money in this year’s 2023 stock market, NOW is that time & we show you how to take full advantage LIVE tonight 3/16, at 8:30 pm ET!


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