ASTA's 11 year Young girl trader makes 55 Thousand profit in 1 month

When it comes to stock market trading, there is no age barrier!

All that is required is the right knowledge and proven trading concepts which one can apply to safely trade in the market and earn profits.

Check out the video above of a young girl from 7th standard who made Rs 55,000 profit in 1 month by applying the knowledge taught at ASTA.

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Please note:

1. We at ASTA generally do not encourage this. Its an exceptional case… and given admission based on parental support and guidance only. The purpose of this video is to inspire many, as this skill can be acquired by anyone.

2. Being consistently successful in the market not only requires knowledge and Skill but also discipline and a lot of Focus on the Process.

3. Students under the age of 18 are allowed to enroll in ASTA only with the permission of their parents/guardians.

4. Minors cannot have their own trading account.

In case of any queries, please feel free to call All India Support Number: +91 72089 96417

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40 thoughts on “ASTA's 11 year Young girl trader makes 55 Thousand profit in 1 month”

  1. Kehte thhe log jo

    Qaabil nahin hai tu

    Denge wahi salaamiyaan

    Dil thaam ke jahaan

    Dekhega ek din

    Teri bhi kaamyaabiyaan

    Kar ke dikha kamaal vo

    Aake zameen pe deke jaaye aasmaan

    Shaabaashiyaan, Shaabaashiyaan!

    Shaabaashiyaan, Shaabaashiyaan!

  2. stop spreading fake reviews sir. why would anybody sell courses if he can earn. use brains, I know traders who earn 7digit profit on a trader but they're professionals. and I know if u can recover ur lost money, market will give u reward worth 100x.

  3. Very shit marketing strategy asta
    U r trying to make people believe that stock market or trading is just a game of some strategies or its a short-cut
    Stop lying and stop promoting stock market in such ridiculous way
    And yess its fake 200%
    I know market gives money but this is actually fake

  4. Mast hai re mere 4 saal ke bhai ko bhi bolneka hai vo 6 min bolega aur greeks ka bhi thoda gyaan fek dega ,kitna milega?
    Flat 50% discount bhi available ??

  5. Business chalane ke liye Youtube our Emotions kr liye 11 year ka baccha .

    11 th year age means he is 5 th to 7th standard. Sathe sir etha bhi mat giro ki fir utha na sako …

  6. She is a beginner and has 4.5 lacs as a capital.. No middle class person would have such capital at beginning.. it's true, rich gets richer n poorer gets poorer…

    Even if she makes a loss, their is a strong backup.. thus a person can enter in the market fearlessly without any ambiguity..

    I am too a beginner having a fund 20k.. but I think 5times for doing any trade… Because of lack of back up.. it's not that I lack knowledge, but it's about backup…

  7. It’s well known fact that Mr. Warren Buffet started investing in stock market at the age of 11 & he repents that he started it very late. Americans are proud of Mr. Buffet & he is ideal model for most of the investors globally.
    It is very sad that we behave conservative while praising talents of our own Indian nationals. Trading in stock market is an art & can be done successfully with a proper knowledge. Gaining knowledge is not relevant or restricted to any age.
    Mr. Buffet has learned from Benjamin Graham (who wrote the famous book The Intelligent Investor) & the same way this girl has learned from ASTA. We must appreciate ability of this girl to grasp techniques of successful trading in stock market & implementing the same practically.
    It is hypothetical to think that she is not enjoying her childhood. Does it mean that all children doing singing/dancing/acting live shows have lost their childhood ?
    Being started at 11 , its evident that she might become billionaire at young age & live a quality life.

  8. Hahah please spare children , let them enjoy their childhood ??? like you did yours, stop using kids for your Business. Any way want to see your live trade where you take entry in front of us and exit in front of us.waiting for this live video, don’t show us after you enter trade, enter trade in front of us.

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