Asking Stocks Traders How Much Money They Make

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From trading stocks, options, futures, bitcoin, and forex, there are a million ways to make money in the stock market. I, Humbled Trader, took to the streets of Vancouver to ask traders how much money they make trading stocks, and what their biggest losses and gains were. I had an amazing time talking to both beginners and experienced stock market traders. Hope you guys enjoy the video!
00:00 – Asking Traders HOW MUCH MONEY They Make Trading Stocks
00:27 – Dean (Trades Future Stocks, Options, Stocks)
01:31 – Sam (Beginner Investor/ Trader)
01:53 – Newton (A self-proclaimed “Degen” LOL)
02:26 – Julie (Options Trader)
02:56 – Ryan (Part-Time Trader)
03:30 – Quan (Trader who experienced Big Losses)
04:25 – Sam (Hilarious Trader)
06:03 – Brandon Beavis Investing
07:24 – Jimmy (Stock Trader)

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42 thoughts on “Asking Stocks Traders How Much Money They Make”

  1. After reading the comments I feel better. I was down $8k in less than 2 seconds before I triggered and thought I had a bad day. Then I made $8500 right after that and have been clicking right along. That was in 2018. Don’t focus on money. Focus on proper setups and you’ll live for another day. Risk management is what it’s all about.

  2. So im 18 years old, i started trading when i was 24, my biggest loss was 10 bucks from a 20 bucks positions, and my biggest gain was 1.76 bucks from a 80 bucks position…. on 20x leverage

  3. Most of the Cryptos are down at the moment and now is a very good time to invest in them. The market is experiencing a fierce correction and now is the best time to stack up on those cryptos.

  4. 7:23 i was thinking the opposite if you have a stable job then invest and if you don't have a job then you have all the time in the world to learn the skill of day trading.

  5. I am a Broke trader ? So I think my biggest loss in a day was around 2,100. Biggest gain was like 4k with options ? I have no idea how I came across your channel. But I regularly check it for new vids!

  6. My trading journey 10,000 to 110,000
    110,000 to losing 40,000 from my own savings. All this was in 2020 hype.

    Don’t feel bad guys there’s always a worst person lol

  7. It’s funny , I am a bag holder of Wish lmao. Anyways I’m on my 2.5 years on day trading now, blew 4 account , starting to figure out something now but still not consistent yet , will get there tho

  8. Work full time as a truck driver but manage to do some option trading, normally i can easily make 1-5k in half an hour or lose that much ?

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