Are Funded Trader Programs A Scam!? ??

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Are Funded Trader Programs a Scam? An overview of funded trader programs! Is funded trader legit? You pay a monthly fee and if you perform in a certain way with certain risk rules – you can become a funded trader. In other words, the company will give you an account with their money to trade. Some names without recommending any include: Topstep Futures, Topstep Forex, Earn2Trade, Maverick Trading, Fidelcrest, The5ers, City Traders Imperium, OneUp Trader

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48 thoughts on “Are Funded Trader Programs A Scam!? ??”

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  2. Why would you need funding in a market where you can get 1:500 leverage? Just save the 12 month worth of fees and you're funded!

  3. Most of them are scam, beware of companies like ticktick trader, they're based in Romania and have terrible payout policy not to mention it's all done in simulated environment, that's FAR from being a legit prop firm

  4. APEX TRADER FUNDING IS A SCAM. They do not give you any real money. You stay in SIM but they claim you are funded. Newbies that pay resets, fees and everyone else paying the monthly fees are where the funds come from to pay out to the few winners. Very few, less than 5% actually get to the point of taking withdrawls. Save your money, and just fund your own stupid account. APEX is a pyramid scheme.

  5. This is a catch…. Prop firm gives you a demo account which basically a real live account. They tell you to make say 10% profit without breaking the maximum 5% loss to be funded. Let’s say you applied for a $150,000 account and the 10% profit target to pass is $150,000. What does that mean, for you to be able to trade their funds on a live account, you will have to maintain a minimum loss of 5% which is for this case $7500 (half of the profit made during evaluation). This means that prop firms a risking only less than 5% of their real money during evaluation and risking your own evaluation profit in a funded account.

  6. I can answer your question in different accents:
    American. They are a scam, period.
    British: They are a scam, full stop.
    Australian: They are a scam, end of.

  7. I've had 3 funded accounts and got paid by 2… Blew the first one up. It's a good way of progressing if you're struggling to go live emotionally.

  8. Hey, I've been trading since 6 years. I've took a challenge with a new trading fund, starting to well known but doesn't paid, all the interactions was documented if you are interested to cover it

  9. Sir, In forex what is lowest time frame supply demand(support/resistance) chart LEVEL with any decent chance of HOLDING THE GROUND at the level–is it 4 hour or 1H level ?.I would think that supply demand levels HOLDING 30 minute or 15 minute levels are relatively small (& only small chance of making a buck). Institutions watch 4H chart(supply demand) levels much more. IF 4H level gives even 5% edge of HOLDING, then may be little guy can make A buck or two–Any comments/suggestions? Thank you.

  10. Hi, I trade stocks and my main goal is to build my account to a point I can become a full-day trader, but its tough when you dont have enough amount of money, and you have to trade under pdt rule. Im been looking for these funded programs, but I dont know which is the best (or not a scam). Is there any place that you can recommend? by the way thanks for any advice that you can give me.

  11. I doubt they are outright scams like Bernie Madoff, in the sense that funded acount trades probably are real live trades, so they're not complete ponzi schemes. However, the tiny trailing drawdown will 100% guarantee that everyone will fail eventually and quickly just by random normal intraday spikes up and down, so these companies generate all their revenues from the monthly fees and rebuys. Those few who actually succeed will have to trade with such small sizes, i.e. micro contracts instead of normal contracts, in order to never hit the trailing drawdown so these firms will never have to pay out large amounts of money.

  12. I'm sorry but there is way too much red tape and hidden fees and commission that count against you in your limits especially in one up trader. You can blow your account up fast and they love that. Such a scam. Well least didn't blow a lot of money

  13. IT"S A SCAM FOLKS. The scam is the intra day high balance on open positions used for your max drawdown. For example, If you signed up for the 50k account your trailing threshold is $2500..cant go below 47.5k. Lets say your first trade , you have a open position in the ES and you are up 5k, you think its going higher so you don't sell but it goes lower and you sell for a 2k gain. Guess what , you lose and would have to pay to reset your account or quit. They would calculate your balance with the unrealized max gain of 5k which would be a 55k max account value and your new trailing threshold would be 52.5k. Well you sold for a 2k gain and your account is now 52k but you are below the 52.5k threshold. They all do it . This is how they keep people paying. The reality is you don't need these crooks. Discount brokers like Ninja Trader let you trade Micro ES for $50 bucks a contract and $500 for the ES. If you can't come up with 1or 2k you probably shouldn't be trading to begin with. Read the reviews people.. they are not good.

  14. it is not a scam. it is just playing off the notion that most traders fail. everyone knows this. If you are a good trader, you should be able to pass. you have to be careful when trading these accounts. you have to expect also to blow up an account every now and again.

  15. The funded accounts are not real accounts. They are demo accounts. If you go into profit with them, they will just pay you from the revenue they get from all the failed challenges as this is how they make their money. No way would a company let you trade £140k after 2 months of performance. Most real trading jobs require at least 3 years of performance figures.

  16. Yes you are right mark they are useful for traders that struggle with discipline
    I tried several prop firms and I realized that at the end my trading style gone different and now finally after struggling about a year I passed the challenge and verification stage , I am funded now but not any one could pass easily even if he is experience because their rules makes trading so difficult and as you all know trading is difficult by itself so more difficulty makes it so hard but at the end any person could pass but only with some patient but it not easy at all , I am so proud of my self that I passed but I think I will make some money then leave because it's so hard to continue under these circumstances only get your money to make a big account for your self then they are finished

  17. I think robot trading can't make trader make more money, because robot trading will work in sideaway (minor trend) and not working for strong bull or bearish.
    Manual trading it's much better than use robot, i never saw pro trader use 100% robot trading for make more money. For example robot can give 2% everyday, but manual can give more 2% or hold on major up trend.
    Trading it's hard for first step, need learn the pattern formation and other tools and after understood about tool, psychology (greed and fear or doubt) this the last step is the most difficult from trading.
    From my opinion, their use robot trading are lazy person, trading it's like build the business, need learn everyday, find the new strategy, money management risk ratio and others.

    Holy grail is scam, cut loss is best strategy too for being the success full trader.

  18. I've been trading for 8 years now, but never took part in funded account programmes. Not few traders end up selling funded accounts (or expensive memberships/services etc) instead of making money from trading – so, be careful guys!??

  19. Why even bother. Just get a professional trading account with leverage, if you correctly use leverage its the same thing, I make about $500 to 600 a day consistantly from a starting balance of 1k then I transfer out the gains and start fresh with a daily stop of 1k the next day, why the hell would I want to give someone else profits or money to trade by their crappy rules, if you aren't constantly profitable then they are scamming u foresure because u won't be able to trade inside their rules, if you are then why bother.
    Learn to use risk management and leverage and u have all the capital you need.

  20. they have to be a scam. Common sense. Why the hell would a company give joe blow 100,000 grand to trade for them, they get some of your profit — great except they're risking a giant amount of money on you — a stranger amateur most likely…

    they have to be a scam. It's virtually impossible they're not a scam. if it was good for you, the customer, they'd never offer it. It's only good for them.

  21. Anyone with dt4x? And for people saying prop firms only wants your money thats right.. but if you as individual know how to trade you'll make them a ton shit more money the youll pay them by buying accounts

  22. I passed the Ftmo account (prior to them laxing some rules on holding trades over the weekend for instance). The rules on drawdown and daily stop limits are great habits to develop (esp as I was a beginner at the time).

    What's interesting is their operating models, brokers used to take the same trade as class A traders on their books years ago-these guys manage to filter out the A book traders through their challenges-I'm sure that order flow has a value they can put on their balance sheet! The bona fide ones are a great model.

  23. Now don't worry, i became bullish just before that spike at 20h, because i noticed that all the down moves couldn't break any significant level… and then at 16h we had strong up volume… yeah so that's it.
    EDIT, i was fooled by the 14h30 strong move down, or.. anyway, i'm totally puzzled as usual. I can't see real signs of weakness, only small one since 14h, but then there is a lot of volatility at 1h. etc. this was probably a flush, but a very harsh one. i post that to illustrate my way of thinking…. I mean that's all i'm going through, yesterday, they couldn't find a path to the downside, 1,173 was tested multiple times, so.. why would they go down today, the news are so so. but then there is this flush, with huge volume.. yeah it's so hard to make your mind up off all that.

  24. Is there a reason my comment was deleted? I posted it twice and it was removed. I thought it was pretty innocuous and I merely mentioned one of these by name which I see others doing.

  25. Concretely, i'm rather bearish on EURUSD now, at 11h50 (UTC + 2) because, the spike at 10h is weak, and foremost we have strong down moves in that range formed yesterday, and the night session was weak, – there is no volume,… the cycle component is slow.

  26. I just discovered your channel and I had to subscribe immmediately! Your videos are very easy to understand. For me – a begginer trader is what I need, huge thank you

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