AMC Q1 Earnings

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20 thoughts on “AMC Q1 Earnings”

  1. In< my view, If there are no new crypto highs in 2022 then it's a great accumulation opportunity. DCA, stack sats, take a long term view. & most importantly of all.…chill and trade ! The movement in the chart is primarily from market makers attacking and trapping liquidity. When the price drops, they are building a long position, and when the price moves up, the market makers are building their short positions. Very little of this has to do with bullish sentiment. It has to do with leveraged positions, and which liquidity ranges are exploited, liquidated, trapped, etc.. 99.9% of buyers do not have the financial means to actually move price. It is the market maker directing all of it. You could have billions of dollars long on BTC, and if the market makers wants to send it lower to trap those buy orders, he will. At this point in time, it has gotten to a stage where we should no longer be hodling our crypto assets like a movie and watches it dip, change that mind set and start trading your crypto assets. Though i used to be a hodler but Thanks to Mrs Stacy for helping me to change that mind set of just hodling alone instead of trading, with the way the market is going right now, i am still making more profits than ever because i trade while hodlers are complains here and there about how the market is dipping on daily basis cos they are losing. With the accurate trade signal and insight from Mrs Stacy Huth been copied in my trades so far, i have been able to day trade and amassed over 14.6 bc as dividend with an approximately 2.5 btc that i started with. Communicate with Mrs Stacy Huth via Telegram @coin_signal10 or What'sapp✙4917662729474 on how to make trades and stay profitable with her trading strategy

  2. Hey i got hit in the eye last decmber with a tree branch and had pain with it for like a week or something at one point I tried smoking some pot and it completely went away I was completely surprised cause I thought it would be a bad idea. Just saying cause you had eye problems. i don't smoke pot often

  3. When it comes to investment, diversification is key. That is why I have my interests set on key sectors based on performance and projected growth. They range from the EV sector, renewable energy, Tech and Health.

  4. IMO shorts will begin covering once the price hits ten or below. No matter what they have to close out their positions. However I would advise not buying another share or contract. Richard Ney wrote a book in the 1970s about market manipulation called The Wall Street Jungle.

  5. It doesn't matter to you if it tanks. Net worth of 5 million +, probably off of swing and day trading amc. Give us big news and hope so we hodl for you to sell over and over again. Real apes, time to run from these youtubers. They are making money because of you Bag holders helping them. You'll never make a dime while they feed you hope. They are just another mouthpiece for the hedge funds.

  6. You're alot of BS now man. Cash in your options and bow out. Quit lying to everyone already. You're a broken record. Shame on you for leading everyone on to buy and hold while you cash out options.

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