99% of Traders Can't Short Stocks Correctly. Here's The Right Way.

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📝 Description
How do you short a stock? People will tell you that it’s as simple as buying a put, but it’s more complex. The questions you should be asking are: How do I short a stock if I have a small account? Should I trade Options or Futures when shorting? How do I manage risk when shorting? Well, I sat down with Mike Butler, one of the best options traders I know, to answer all of these questions and more.

00:00 The REAL Questions You Need to Ask
00:38 Stocks vs Options vs Futures for Shorting Stocks
01:42 Picking a Stock/Futures Contract
03:00 Pros and Cons of Shorting with Futures
04:33 Why Options Are Best for Shorting
06:33 Buying vs Selling Options
08:14 Static vs Dynamic Exposure

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  1. I didn't understand the IV part. Did he buy the later august call because he thinks the IV will increase or he bought a call that he sold right away because the IV was high on that day?

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