#783 Cartrade Tech Stock Update, Laxmi organics stock fall, TATA POWER 1GW Order,

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00:00 Stock Market analysis
01: 51 Vedanta Ex Dividend Update
02:32 Adani Wilmar Update
02:56 IEX Update
03:11 LIC Subscription Data Update
03:38 Sona BLW Update
03:51 Tata Motors Update
04:20 Tata Power Win Order Update
04:42 ABB India Results Update
05:40 Rain Industries Results
06:12 Laxmi Organic Industries Results
06:54 Deepak Nitrite Results
07:32 CAMS Results Update
08:04 Morepen Laboratories Results
08:44 Borosil renewable Results
09:54 Adani Power Results
10:08 Car Trade Tech Results
10:48 Support & Resistance
11:32 Option Chain
12:03 End
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42 thoughts on “#783 Cartrade Tech Stock Update, Laxmi organics stock fall, TATA POWER 1GW Order,”

  1. Sir, jp power ekkuva rate 8.35 ki theesukoni chala rojulaindi. Ippudu 6.90 lo undi. Short term lo perige avakasam unda leda average chesi exit aipovatam better aa cheppandi.

  2. Hai bro, Chola finance results lo operating profit showing decrease but profit showing. Ela koddiga explain chesthara. Nenu try chesa kaani artham kaavadam ledu. Nenu deenini hold chesthunna long term kosam. Planing to add more qty please explain.

  3. hi bro, option buying lo oka person 13laks loss book chesadu.adi pr sunder sir explain chesaru,meru telugu lo a video cheste ma lanti vallaki use avutundi.andaru option buyer ki obligation ledu right matrame vundi anukuntaru..

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