7 Passive Income Ideas on H1B/F1 Visa – Airbnb? Uber? Stocks?

Want some ideas to start making passive income on an H1B visa besides your full-time job?
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Many people on an H1B visa wonder whether they can take part in side hustles like driving for Uber, listing on Airbnb, buying rental property, getting Youtube ad revenue, investing in the stock market, etc. Here are 7 ways to earn upto $2000 every month, even as a beginner who has never done this before.

The first option is dividends. A dividend is a share of a company’s profits that are given out to shareholders. If you reinvest dividends and keep adding to your portfolio you can eventually build it out to a steady passive income source.

Second is Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). A REIT is a company that invests in income-generating real estate like apartments, malls or hospitals. This is an attractive option for Internationals who want a piece of the real estate market but don’t want to tie their capital down long term. They offer everyday investors indirect exposure to real estate, without the hassles of having to directly manage it.

Third is High Yield Savings Accounts. It pays 20 to 25 times the national average of a standard savings account and is typically online. This is one of the best places to store your emergency fund and stay ahead of inflation.
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Fourth is Turo which is a peer to peer car-sharing company. When you’re not using your vehicle, you can rent it out to other Turo members for some extra cash. It’s like Airbnb, but for cars.

Fifth is Carpooling through apps like Waze Carpool and Scoop. The reason carpooling is allowed is because these companies don’t actually pay you to drive, rather it’s a reimbursement for expenses like gas, tolls, and parking. Here is the signup link for Waze if you want to get started:

Sixth is Short Term Rentals through Airbnb and Vrbo. If you live in your own house or an apartment whose landlord allows this, this is a great option to make additional income. Make sure you don’t play an active role in managing the bookings.

Finally, we come to rental properties. Yes, you can invest in rental property, but you cannot quit your job and start a real estate business. If you find yourself spending too much time managing the property and tenants, a property manager is a good idea.

With that said, never overdo any of these to a point that it looks like an active job. With such a major focus on America’s Immigration program, you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the authorities. Follow the rules and you could be making a sizable amount of extra income while you sleep even on an H1B visa.

*** Personal Finance books I recommend:
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The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham:
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40 thoughts on “7 Passive Income Ideas on H1B/F1 Visa – Airbnb? Uber? Stocks?”

  1. I've come to realize that the key to amassing wealth lies in making sound investments. I purchased my first home at the age of 21 for $87,000 and sold it for $197,000. My second home, acquired for $170,000, was later sold for $320,000, and my third property, purchased at $300,000, fetched $589,000, with buyers covering all closing costs and expenses. Not reaching a million before retirement feels like an unfulfilled goal..

  2. Hi guys, are you able to claim the car depreciation cost on your taxes for TURO as an H1b employee? Do you do standard mileage deductions or actual expenses deduction

  3. Hello Arjun, as an international student on OPT I was wondering if I could do Turo for passive income, all the information I’ve come across on the internet says it is not legal as it is considered an income~ thus employment. Can you share your resources to rely your facts? Or has laws changed in the last two years? I hope you can clarify this to me. Great video as always.

  4. I am on H1B visa. My friend has a llc and he wants to do Airbnb via his llc but he want me to be a guarantor since I will also be having my share, but i won't be making active part on any deals. Am I eligible to do so or it will be considered illegal.

  5. Hey – can I work as a freelancing Community Manager (someone who manages online Communities on Facebook/other social media platforms) as a side-hustle along with main job on H1B??

  6. I am investing with M1 finance and I asked them what happens when I decide to move back and will not be a US tax resident anymore ? They told that my situation, I'll need to liquidate & close my account before my Visa expires.

    Do you know some brokerage which would let us keep the investments even if we choose to go back to India ?

  7. Hello Arjun and Aish. Super awesome content that are much needed for H1b community. US is a land of opportunities for GC holders and Citizens. But for H1b it comes with terms and conditions. Please keep making more videos as it will rightly guide the people who are H1b to know their limitations on the visa. Just subscribed to your channel.

    A request, Could you also make a video on fidelity investments products and it's pros and cons for Indians who wants to invest ? Because I checked with vanguard customer care today , that said they cannot open a Roth IRA not a taxable brokerage account if we are non resident alien. Is that true?

  8. Hi, thank you so much for this specific information. I am on OPT. Can I start my art business like selling my art, while working a corporate job? If not, can I start when I get the H1B? Your help will be appreciated.

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