5 simple rules to make Rs 1 Crore in 3 years

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If you think you have to work all your life to become a crorepati, then you are TOTALLY WRONG 🙂

In this video, I tell you how you don’t need more than 3 years to make 1 CR.

Watch the video till the very end to know the gameplan:)
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Video Editor: Jayant Apte

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21 thoughts on “5 simple rules to make Rs 1 Crore in 3 years”

  1. Kya falatu bakwaas hai. Ye bhai keh raha hai ki 5 hours me 1 video edit karne pe 10000 milta hai. Iska matlab 2000 per hour. To month me 8 hours kaam kiya 20 days to 3,20,000 income hua. Do you really think this is realistic? Kitne percentage of person itna earn kar sakte hain. Khalayi pulao mat pakao bhai.

  2. This is a clickbait video like most of his videos. No logical data on investments and steps to make 1 crore. He is just giving motivational gyan and quotes from authors.
    If you just see his past three years videos on stock recommendation(if he has not deleted) most of them are in negative till date like amara raja batteries.
    Dont understand why people follow him

  3. Hi Akshat, just one thing in the section where you explained about video editing just want to know that for the maths to work did we assume that the demand will be constant? I really wanted to know more about how the demand side looks like in order to satisfy the maths described

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