5 Reasons to Day Trade Futures vs. Stocks

With a lower initial investment to trade the same markets as Wall Street, more day traders continue to transition into the highly liquid futures markets.

Get started with only $400 & receive unlimited risk-free simulated trading.

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14 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Day Trade Futures vs. Stocks”

  1. Day trading rule does not apply if you have a cash account. You can trade a cash account of less than $25,000 but you cannot trade a margin account.

  2. Ninja Trader withdrawal fees schedule:
    Withdrawal: ACH: 2 free per month, $15 per additional monthly withdrawal.
    Withdrawal: Check: $7
    Withdrawal: Domestic Wire Transfer: $30
    Withdrawal: International Wire Transfer: $50
    I am assuming that most of us would choose ACH as the preferred method of making withdrawals. The fees seem reasonable.

  3. ?????? I have been a user of NinjaTrader Broker (in addition to the platform, which I bought its license), but I WILL NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT with this Broker again because it seems to me a THEFT, a SCAM that they charge you $ 40 of your own money for each withdrawal to your bank account.

    The vast majority of Brokers make FREE Withdrawals, and it is INADMISSIBLE that in the XXI Century and the Fintech era, where money movements are free or very cheap, NINJATRADER BROKERAGE charges $ 40 to recover YOUR OWN MONEY.

    As if that were not enough, THEY ALSO CHARGE PERIODICALLY for the DATA of the DIFFERENT MARKETS ??‍♂️

    It is UNACCEPTABLE and I hope that this message will all over the world to pressure the Broker to implement a system like that of its competition in the XXI Century.

    The more we are and the more force we do, the sooner we will achieve it. Because if you continue down that path, since people are not stupid, they will choose any other Broker to operate.

  4. You don't need 25k to invest in stocks. Out of all the markets. The cryptocurrency market has made me more than 200k in profit. Leveraged trading is a trap. Be aware! That's why 98% fail

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