21 Feb Live Trading | Nifty Trading Today | Banknifty and stocks trading live |

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12 thoughts on “21 Feb Live Trading | Nifty Trading Today | Banknifty and stocks trading live |”

  1. Crypto and Stock crashed, the best investment one can do right now is investing on Forex trading though stocks are good but ever since I swapped to Forex, I've seen so much difference

  2. Excellent post Very detailed and concise video you posted friend I love your content??. It's funny how some people still haven't accepted that cryptocurrencies continue to change the world globally. Those who are against it have a hard time these days. While from a trader perspective I think we really need more experts in this field to educate newbies/investors on how the community works, BTC's price has been fluctuating lately which means the market is currently open. . and no one can tell if it's too bearish or too bullish, this uncertainty drives most traders away and forces investors to wait. I would say that just sitting back and waiting for some losses is totally wrong, maybe the wrong mindset for an investor because as an investor you find ways to get more and more coins and withdrawing should be our number one priority , a win. It all depends on the pattern you are trading and also the source of the resulting strategies. I started with 2 BTC and accumulated more than 4.5 BTC in just 4 weeks with the right trading strategy given to me by an experienced trader Martin Calvert Frazier and his methods are top notch and very profitable. You can easily find Martin ͲeIєɠɾαm? @ martincalvertsignal].?

  3. Sir aaj (21-02-22) morning me maine PE buy kiya 600 point dur ka or market 200 points niche gira lekin mujhe sirf 25 points ka hi premium mila aisa kyu??

    Delta k according 600 point dur k PE mei 200 k move pr 50-60 points premium milna chahiye!

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