13/48 Ema Crossover + FIND Stocks To Trade EVEN With A 9-5 ??

Find Stocks To Trade With A 9-5 using the 13 ema and 48 ema

Wondering how to day trade without a PDT restriction ? Or how about finding the right stock that’s about to cross over with the 13/48 EMA cross over strategy

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Which time frame of the chart is best for using a crossover of EMA 13 and EMA 48 for intraday ? None , you can use any time frame, but this tutorial is for those who want to screen for stocks about to have the ema cross on the daily for those who do not want to trade everyday!

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32 thoughts on “13/48 Ema Crossover + FIND Stocks To Trade EVEN With A 9-5 ??”

  1. What up! I have a question for you, but first I want to start off by saying I appreciate this video and I just subscribed to your channel to get notifications every time you post some videos. Anyway, I wanted to ask if this set up also works with ETF ticker symbol SPY, other than stocks?? I’d greatly appreciate it if you could get back to me on this brotha. Thanks ?

  2. Bro i;ve been watching such b.s. over the net for a fucking year!!! I see this once and done and done!!!! Best Vid Ever!!! I day crash course education….I made my first frikin profit in a year!!!! So excited for the week….Thank You for the Keys!!!!! I promise to pay it forward for our friends and family…..THANKS AGAIN!!!! To All Other Youtubers IN COMPARISON Yes you might provide value to your viewers…but from my perspective ……. I learned more in one day… and have room to grow and work on being a leader not a follower.

  3. I've been meaning to try this for a while now and tried today. I'm very new and so I'm practicing with dummy accounts. Using this method I found a stock, invested at the start of trading and within about 30 mins I was up 500 Dollars…..Turns out I clicked on the wrong stock though! But when I looked at it, luckily all the signals for the crossover were there. Lesson learned. Take more care and keep attention. If it was real money and it went the other way I'd be devastated. Thanks for this video. Really helpful.

  4. Does this work on a lower timeframe for finding crossovers the same day? Or are there other settings for finding daily crossovers for the same day? Do you already have a video for scanning that?

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