10 DAY WIN STREAK CANT SAY NUN ???? #stocks #stockmarket #futures #futurestrading

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47 thoughts on “10 DAY WIN STREAK CANT SAY NUN ???? #stocks #stockmarket #futures #futurestrading”

  1. Brother, you went long just because a pullback started to lose momentum. You just flipped a coin and said f it I’m going in while moving your SL lower. There is no way this was a real trade

  2. Anyone talking about a stop loss is out of they mind. Unless you already profiting then yeah you can put one so you don’t lose all of it but if you put a stop loss right when you put your trade it ; 9/10 it’s gonna hit it right before taking off 😂

  3. 100$ per second position is just insanely ridiculous for 99%of viewers and for you the way you speak, not to mention that this srenn is not your brokers. You can go in jail for fake disclosure of pnl

  4. Yaw all talking negative atleast he live trading yaw mentors teach printed charts😂 Respect to you bro for doing this live. Half these ppl never traded live so they dont know the psychology behind making split sec decisions.

  5. I was in his discord for awhile, these clips are from his live stream that he does pretty much every day. we were trading right along with him. who do you think he's talking to the whole time? Theres probably 200-300 people on the zoom call, trading together.

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