? How To Profit From Stock Market Earnings Reports ❗ When To Buy Stocks ?

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Here’s an easy way to profit from stock market earnings reports. Earnings reports are numbers released by companies in the stock market. They release these earnings every 3 months, dividing the year into quarters. Quarterly earnings report for the months up until March 28 means the months of January, February, and March. If a company releases good earnings, with their earnings and revenue going up, their stock usually goes up with it. Companies also report upcoming expected numbers for next quarter, along with analysts guessing this number, this is how we get beats or misses when it comes to earnings. The most important numbers are revenue, earnings per share, product sales, and guidance. Revenue means cash they made before any costs of doing business is paid. Earnings per share means the profit they get to keep after costs of business is subtracted. Product sales means the most popular product sales numbers for that company, such as Iphones for Apple. And guidance means future earnings and revenue the company expects to have for next quarter. All 4 numbers are important so if a company misses even one of these numbers, the stock can go down. Stock price accounts for future growth so a company has to grow perfectly if their is spiking up like crazy. It’s much safer to buy a stock after a good earnings report, because no one can predict how well a company is going to do. A safe strategy is buying a stock after a spike and good earnings, and riding the uptrend for a month or more for a nice return in the stock market.

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  1. What website/source do you use to find stocks that have a strong history of being Power Earnings Gappers (PEG) and usually gap up big on earnings?

    I am looking for websites/sources that focus on stocks that tend to gap up big on earnings and let you see the earnings percentage change in share price going back several quarters.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

  2. For the EPS if the company had 500 in profit and only 10 shares, it would be 50.00 dollars a share no?…I'm just a boat so idk if I'm matching this the right right way, I'm just asking for my own clarification.

  3. Just found ur channel. I haven't check out other videos yet .what do u think about the option expirations day. U think by looking at how many calls options will also give u an idea of the stock price ? Say many strike at certain price . In order to make the option go worthless when it expires . It is suppressing the price . Do u see that trend ?

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