✅ 7 steps to start day trading #stocks #crash #daytrading

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10 thoughts on “✅ 7 steps to start day trading #stocks #crash #daytrading”

  1. I love the principle of paper trading, buy up to a certain point you just don't treat like real money cause it isn't, When you paper trade you stops are a lot looser and lower and you hardly get stopped out, With real money you get stopped out and lose a lot because your putting your real money on the line. In my opinion, paper trading is good for the mechanics and testing strategies but as far as preparing you emotionally for live trading, it does not work. when you paper trade your alot looser and less strict. when you love trade your a hell of a lot stricter and alot more scared and iffy

  2. Hay I had a wired thing happen to me trading ,all my money disappeared ? ?lbvs not like I lost it just gone any thoughts Because honestly this has Deterred me away from trading or investing in any way

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